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COMPUTEX Introduction of FP-40

Press a button and write to flash memory!

Super fast flash programmer ideal for use at manufacturing sites and field maintenance. Standalone operation, no PC required. Just press a button to program! Highly portable and easy to use.
On-board flash memory programmer FP-40

[One push operation][Super-fast writing][Standalone operation]

Various flash memories can be programmed using FP-40. These include the versatile Cortex-M core on-chip/built-in memory as well.Super fast programming begins with just a button press. This keeps operations simple and improves efficiency at production sites. The LEDs and buzzer notify the write result. Details such as progress and the remaining time are displayed on the OL display as well. Programming can be achieved without a PC and so FP-40 can used effortlessly for updating firmware/software during field maintenance.

Main features

  • One push operation: Just press a button and write to flash memory
  • Standalone: Program flash memory without a PC
  • Power efficient and highly portable: Works with a mobile power bank
  • Super-fast writing: Optimize operation for each device (Speed: ~400KBps)
  • Straightforward result indication: Indicated with 2 color LEDs and buzzer
  • Easy status check: Easy-to-read OL display that shows write status and error if any
  • JTAG/SWD support: Connect to the target board via JTAG/SWD debug interface (UART and LIN is possible as well)
  • Supports protection/security: Flash memory protection/security processing can be performed during programming
  • Supply power to the target: Provide power supply to the target. Writing can be performed without connecting a separate target power supply
  • Wide target support: Compatible with over 4000 devices. Unsupported/custom devices are supported on request
  • Developed in-house: Completely developed in-house, so you can expect fast and accurate support
  • Production system incorporation: Incorporate into your automated production systems using the specification provided by us
  • Supports English and Japanese: Can be used globally in any manufacturing base

Why choose FP-40?

Point 1: Simple to use, straightforward result reporting

  • One push operation and clear error reporting to prevent careless mistakes
    Simply connect FP-40 to the target and press the PROGRAM button to start the write operation.
    Write progress, time remaining etc. can be known clearly by glancing at the easy-to-read OL display. The LEDs and buzzer will inform you of the result as well.
    Operating procedure and result reporting are clear and simple. This is done with the aim to prevent careless mistakes.
One push operation

Point 2: Choose from 2 operating modes

  • Standalone mode (Use FP-40 independently)
    Connect FP-40 to the target and begin the write process. A PC is not required.
    ※Use the included AC adapter or a power bank to supply power to FP-40.
Standalone mode
    Preparing FP-40 for Standalone mode
    Use the proprietary software, C-Flash to prepare FP-40 for standalone use. Target CPU, data to be written, protection/security settings etc. need to be set using C-Flash. Once this is done, a PC is not required and FP-40 can be used in Standalone mode.

    Step 1: Connect FP-40 to the PC and start C-Flash
    Step 2: Set the target CPU and manufacturer name
    Step 3: Transfer data to be written to FP-40

Standalone mode
  • C-Flash mode (Use FP-40 with a PC)
    Connect FP-40 to a PC and write to the target.
    Different types of flash memory on multiple boards can be programmed efficiently. Write data can be transferred to FP-40 so that it can be used in Standalone mode as well (as explained in the above section).
C-Flash mode

Point 3: Eliminate Target board power supply

Supply power to the board from FP-40 and eliminate the need to connect the target power supply. (Voltage: 3.3V or 5.0V. Max current: 200mA)

Eliminate Target board power supply

Other features

Super fast write

Optimal write settings are used and so write time will be reduced greatly and the target can be programmed quickly (speed: ~400KB/s).
Production time is shortened, leading to reduced production cost.

Super fast write

Supports protection/security function

Write to devices that incorporate protection and security. Protection can be enabled automatically after writing is complete.

Supports protection/security function

Works with a mobile power bank

Since FP-40 can be operated using a commercially available mobile power bank, it can be used even in situations where AC adapters can't be connected. This makes FP-40 highly portable and the ideal choice for field maintenance.

Works with a mobile power bank

Support for new devices/ Custom support

We will be happy to provide services and support for new or specific devices. Feel free to contact us with your requirement and we'll get back. Please note that depending on the complexity, a fee may be charged.

Some custom CPU/device support that are provided are indicated below:

  • Support for writing to Cortex-M internal flash memory
  • Support for writing to Cortex-A/Cortex-R external flash memory via JTAG/SWD
  • Support for write via UART
Support for new devices

In-vehicle network standard LIN support

FP-40 is equipped with the functionality to write to flash memory of in-vehicle devices via LIN. Feel free to contact us for more information.

In-vehicle network standard LIN support

UART support for field maintenance

A UART connector is available for products that do not have a JTAG connector. This might come in handy for in-field firmware updates.

UART support for field maintenance

Incorporate FP-40 into production/inspection system

FP-40 has a mechanism so that it can be incorporated into production/inspection system. Flash memory writing process can be automated in the production and inspection process.

Incorporate FP-40 into production

System example 1: Incorporate FP-40 into your inspection software

FP-40 can be operated by using specific commands via a personal computer. Call these commands from your inspection software to control FP-40.

Incorporate FP-40 into your inspection software

System example 2: Write multiple firmware

By using specific commands, FP-40 can be operated upon from a computer. Multiple FP-40 units can be connected and multiple different firmware can be written on the target. This leads to an increase in production efficiency.

Write multiple firmware

System example 3: Automate by incorporating into production equipment

FP-40 provides external signals for writing and status acquisition. By connecting these external signals to production equipments, flash memory can be written to and write status can be retrieved. Automation of the production system can be achieved by using this technique.

Automate by incorporating into production equipment

Main Specification

External dimensions 102mm(W)55mm(D)31mm(H)
Host I/F USB Type-C/USB2.0
LED PWR(green), PASS(green), FAIL(red)
Switch, buzzer 1 PROGRAM button, 4 piano DIP switches for mode settings, 1 buzzer
Organic EL display To display progress, result, checksum, etc.
Internal flash memory 2Gbit
Operating environment Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Humidity 35% ~ 85% RH (no condensation)
Power consumption DC 5V 5% Max 250mA (Corresponding to USB Vbus)
Weight 50g approx
Target I/F Connector 20 pin MIL connector
I/F Voltage Same as the target power supply(in the range of 1.65V~5.5V)
Power supply Voltage 3.3V/5V(5%)
Max current 200mA
Power-up rise time 2ms
Overcurrent protection circuit If an overcurrent is detected due to short circuit on the target, the protection circuit cuts off the power supply to the FP unit and stops the power output.
Accessories Dedicated AC adapter, I/F cable (20-core flat cable, length 20cm approx), USB cable for PC connection (length 2m approx)

Specification of C-Flash (the included software)

Flash memory operation SUM calculation Supports checksum calculation
Protect/Security function Write by unprotecting, protect after write, cancel security (flash memory contents are erased), cancel protect/security before write, set protect/security after write
Supported file formats Binary, Motorola S, Intel Hex, ELF/DWARF2
Operating environment Host PC PC running the supported OS with USB 2.0 I/F.
OS Windows 11/10
User support Update C-Flash functionality and feature updates are free. To add new CPUs, license needs to be purchased separately.
Inquiry Feel free to get in touch regarding any technical questions and information on how to use FP. We provide free e-mail support. Note that a fee may be charged for special requests and additional functionalities.

Supported CPU

The following manufacturer's Cortex-M CPUs are supported:

  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Infineon Technologies
  • InnoPhase IoT
  • LAPIS Technology
  • Microchip Technology
  • Nordic Semiconductor
  • Nuvoton Technology
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Renesas Electronics
  • Silicon Laboratories
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Texas Instruments
  • Toshiba
*As for Supported CPU, custom support can be provided on demand.
For details, contact our Sales Department.

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