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COMPUTEX Introduction of FP-10
- On-board flash programmer "FP-10" for ARM Cortex-M series core -
FP-10, an on-board flash programmer, is the programmer specifically for on-chip flash memory of the CPUs with ARM-made Cortex-M series core.
It is to be used by connecting to JTAG connector implemented on the target board. As it allows writing into on-chip flash memory of the CPU mounted on the target board, it can be used in every situation from development phase, at production site, and for field maintenance.
On-board flash programmer FP-10

  • On-board programmer specifically for on-chip Flash Memory of ARM-made Cortex-M series core
  • Support for easy writing in production line by 1 push button (Stand-alone)
  • Supports wide range of the target voltage (1.65V-5.5V)
  • A palm-sized, ultra compact body
  • Requires no power supply with USB connection to the host computer
  • Notification functionality for warning against writing error etc. by beep and LED indication
  • Allows operation of the control software (C-Flash) from an external application
  • New functionalities, updates and improvements for "C-Flash for FP-E" can be downloaded for free.*1
  • Optional CPUs supported by "C-Flash for FP-E" can be used anytime by purchasing a CPUs Update-license.*2
*1:The licensing system has been migrated to a new licensing system which applies to "C-Flash for FP-E" Ver.1.13.00 and later. After migrating to the new licensing system, "C-Flash for FP-E" older than Ver.1.13.00 can not be used with FP-10.
For details of the migration, please refer this link

*2:By purchasing a CPUs Update-license, all optional CPUs supported by "C-Flash for FP-E" at that particular time can be used. No additional license needs to be purchased to use these CPUs in the later versions of "C-Flash for FP-E". However, additional CPUs may be supported in the later versions of "C-Flash for FP-E" and in order to use these additional CPUs, a CPUs Update-license will have to be purchased again.

  • C-Flash mode
    The mode for writing from the host computer to the Flash Memory installed in FP-10 main unit and to the on-chip flash memory of the CPU on the target system by using control software "C-Flash".

C-Flash mode

  • Stand-alone mode
    The mode for writing from the already saved Flash Memory of FP-10 main unit to on-chip flash memory of the CPU on the target system when using without the computer.

Stand-alone mode


  • Example of C-Flash mode
    A user application software created using Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, etc. can erase or program the target's flash memory by communicating with the control software (C-Flash) of FP-10 using TCP socket communication.
    Automation of programming the target's flash memory at the production site is possible using this mechanism.

Example of C-Flash mode


  • FP-10 main unit
  • TARGET cable
  • USB cable
  • USB-AC adapter
  • Dedicated control software (CD-ROM)


Operating environment
Supported host:  IBM PC/AT compatibles (DOS/V machines)
Host I/F:  USB 2.0(full-speed)
Supported OS:  Windows Vista 32bit/7 32bit,64bit/8 32bit,64bit


ARM Cortex-M series core
Supported CPUs Product summary Technical information
-Atmel-made SAM3 Family

-Freescale Semiconductor-made Kinetis

-FUJITSU Semiconductor-made FM3 Family

-NXP Semiconductors-made LPC1000 Family

-STMicroelectronics-made STM32 Family

-Texas Instruments-made Stellaris® Family

-Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Company-made TX03 Series
* As for Supported CPU, custom support can be provided on demand.
For details, contact our Sales Department.

Computex FP-10 (Flash Programmer-10)

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