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The following table shows the latest versions of Computex Co., Ltd.-made RTOS debug libraries.
If you are using the older version of the RTOS debug library than the one shown in the table, do click the applicable library name to download the latest one before use.  Install the latest version of the library onto the PC already installed with the library.

Note: Only the users who have purchased the RTOS debug library may download the latest version.  If you have not, you will need to make an initial purchase of the RTOS debug library.

Latest RTOS debug libraries

Library Download Version File Size
HI-DBGLIB/SH-E FTP HTTP 3.04 1,495 kBytes
NORTi-DBGLIB/SH-E FTP HTTP 3.03 1,538 kBytes
NORTi-DBGLIB/H8-E FTP HTTP 1.05 1,513 kBytes
NORTi-DBGLIB/ARM-E FTP HTTP 1.05 1,513 kBytes
Nucleus-DBGLIB/ARM-E FTP HTTP 1.01 1,405 kBytes