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COMPUTEX Introduction of CEV-RZ/A1L
- Low-cost evaluation board based on RZ/A1L -

On-board Smart Analog! Full-featured Linux development environment!
Evaluation board for remote control, monitoring, and collection of data from sensors through networks

The CEV-RZ/A1L is an evaluation board based on the Renesas Electronics RZ/A series RZ/A1L processor, 32 MB of SDRAM, a temperature sensor, Ethernet, and a USB connector.
The RZ/A series CPU is capable of high-performance processing at more than 300 MHz and supports the use of general-purpose operating systems, such as Linux, with its ARM Cortex-A9 core and high-capacity RAM.
Low-cost evaluation board based on RZ/A1L
The U-Boot program is preloaded into the boot serial flash memory on the board. By connecting this board to your PC through a serial console with a USB cable, you can immediately evaluate the CPU and peripheral I/O devices by issuing commands. The Linux SDK (a development environment), including samples and compliers for the board, can be downloaded free of charge.
With the built-in Renesas Electronics analog IC Smart Analog, you can also change the configuration and properties of the analog and sensor circuits by changing the software settings, resulting in the easy evaluation of analog circuit design.
The Linux SDK includes applications for the remote control, monitoring, and collection of sensor information through either a wired or wireless LAN.

  • Renesas Electronics Cortex-A9 core RZ/A1L (400-MHz CPU clock)
  • Smart Analog IC 300 included as standard
  • 32 MB of SDRAM and 2 MB of serial flash
  • Monitor LED (GPIO control)
  • Ethernet interface included as standard
  • USB host interface (USB2.0 High-speed) included as standard
  • USB function interface (serial conversion and power supply)
  • Temperature sensor (model number: 103AT-2) included as standard
  • Through-hole for humidity sensor (model number: CHS-GSS)
  • Sensor expansion connector with through-hole available (an expansion printed circuit board is available separately)
  • Debugger connection supported
  • Small size of 111.0 mm x 78.0 mm
  • Preloaded with U-Boot. Connect a USB cable and off you go.
  • Embedded Linux bootable from a USB flash drive (Can be downloaded for free from our homepage)

CEV-RZ/A1L evaluation board
Documentation PDF
CEV-RZ/A1L Hardware Manual
CEV-RZ/A1L Circuit Diagram
CEV-RZ/A1L Linux SDK Installation Manual Ver.2

Files Download
-V2.00.01 (Latest edition)

Compiled binary files Linux system V2.00.01 *
-file for ext2-formatted USB flash drive Linux system

Compiled binary files For gas sensor V2.00.01 *
-file for ext2-formatted USB flash drive Linux system

U-Boot binary *
-u-boot-20131024.bin (Latest edition)
JTAG-ICE is required to reload U-Boot.
*For details on the software licenses included in the binary files, see the licenses.txt file in "CEV Linux SDK" or the section about licenses in the "CEV-RZ/A1L Linux SDK Installation Manual."
The Linux-related product software provided with the CEV Linux SDK includes the following licenses:

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